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You didn't switch bunks after that day because during that long night, Lee had convinced you to stay with them.

You didn't expect to say yes but yet you did, quiet hasitily infact. Lee wasn't the brightest of individuals, none of you really were but he was very persuasive.

Nearly two years later, you didn't expect to befriend them all. To be willing to fight for the three buffons  and have them do the same for you.

Maybe you'd even be willing to die for them too.


Dawn was no where close to cracking, yet it was hot in your bunk impossibly so. Sweat poured out of every oriface, despite the intensity of the heat, you still managed to sleep.

The room's scent was entirely sweat and pubescent odor, this had sent the nostrils of your bunkmate on fire. With bile rising in his throat, he shot up quickly, hand over the lower half of his face. What woke you up was his hard head hitting the boardsd under your bed.

Despite the hand muffling the shout of pain, it was still loud enough to stir the other two awake. They were on high alert, but you, not so much, too tired to fully comprehend what that noise was.

"What happened?" The blonde directly across from you asked, running a hand over his face.
"Hell if know."Shrugging, you peaked over the railing to the figure clutching their head, clearly in pain
"Oh it's just Lee." You yawned out, laying back down, back facing the rest of the room. The other two followed your lead, going back to sleep themselves.

"I love how you guys worry about me, really, it warms the heart." The brunette muttered sarcastically, wiping the blood off of his forehead with a dirty shirt before going back to sleep.


"It still hurts like hell." He whined out, rubbing the gash which has long since closed up. Flakes of dried up blood falling off of his skin and piling up on the floor,
"That's gross." The blonde across the room stated, a clear look of disgust on his face.
"You've seen worse, so shut it." You stated, throwing a shirt on, though it was quick you were able to spot an eyeroll.

Buckling up your boots was when the most important question of the day was asked,
"What are we even doing today?" Lee asked, pulling on his worn out jacket.
"I have no idea, I wasn't even paying attention yesterday." A deep voice belonging to the fourth and final bunkmate of the cabin rumbled. You looked up at him with envy as he was already ready and has been for minutes.

"That's unlike you to not know Sunshine." Ravi's eyebrow had twitched slightly at the pet name you guys had given him but it wasn't as nearly as embarrassing as your's.
"We'll hear all about it in the mess hall. Speaking of which we should get there unless you want to be stuck with scraps." The tall individual walked out of the cabin.

"Or (Name) gives all of his food to the potato girl~" Ben snorted out, you knitted your brows in frustration at the blonde throwing a random sock at him.
"Can you blame me? She looks like a starving kid with those big eyes, what would you do?"
"I'd say "Piss off you filthy beggar, you're not starving, let me eat for once." You've been doing this almost every day for nearly three years. I think she'd leave you in peace one time." You sighed, maybe you'd be able to say no for once, she'd understand.

"Godamnit..." You slumped over, lightly hitting your forehead on the table.
"You're softer than you care to admit." Lee stated with a mouthful of food, chewing it obnoxiously loud next to your ear. You hissed, swatting him away.

Your bunk mates humiliated you for giving in and giving the brunette your food...again. They even made bets on what you would say, Ravi won the pot.
Slowly sitting up, you pointed an accusing finger at all three of them,
"You guys are all dicks." You stated with dark eyes but all they did was chuckle at your angry look.


"You know you should give that poor guy a break, he's been giving you nearly every meal ever since he's been here." A soft voice  piped up at the girl across from her,
"Huh?" The brunette asked, brows quirked, a loaf of bread merely centimeters from her mouth.
"She's right you know, even if he doesn't that much of an appetite, he still has to eat." Ymir stated, supporting the petite blonde whenever possible. Chocolate eyes looked down at the second tray besides her original, Sasha had yet to take a bite out of it.

Her stomach conflicted the other girls' statements with a low growl, against her raw instincts and insatiable hunger. She stood up, nearly knocking the table over in the process, it didn't thanks to Ymir's quick reflexes.
"I guess. I should." She sighed out, before grabbing the tray she patted her rumbling stomach.
'It's okay maybe we'll be able to get some of Connie's." She whispered.
"I'm right here ya know?!"


"Don't oogle it, you can wait until lunch." Ben brought his servings closer to his chest at your hungry eyes as did Ravi and Lee.
"If I was in your shoes I'd give you some food."
"Well tough shit lover boy, that's not how the world works." He took a huge bite of bread to further taunt you and to put you on the verge of drooling.

You casted him a dark glare before jumping up when a food tray was practically dropped on the table. Surprised that the soup didn't splatter everywhere, you looked at the cause at this sudden act.
"Take it." A stern but feminine voice ordered, though she was small in her own right she made you feel incredibly small right now.
"Thanks." You blurted out but she was already walking away before you regained your senses. You honestly doubted she even heard your thanks,
"H-holy shit." You shuddered, looking at the tray before you, everything was there save perhaps the bread.

'Holy shit' Everyone had the same reaction as you at this one act of kindness the coldhearted blonde had displayed. The Annie Leonhardt  gave away something to someone else willingly, though she'd probably ask for something in return.
Sasha was only a few feet away from your table when this had happened, she had nearly dropped the food in shock.

"Ha." She gave out a nervous chuckle, turned on her heel and marched straight back to her seat.

"She probably spit in it."
"Ah don't say that and besides she's not the type." You suddenly felt the need to defend Annie despite you two never exchanging more than 10 words to each other.
"She's not the type? I didn't realize you knew her so well? Please, tell me more." You hadn't even been up for an hour and you were already starting to get a headache.

Before breakfast was even over, people were already whispering and spreading outrageous rumors, this was the first interesting thing to happen in a long time.
'Are they really that bored?' you wanted to laugh at some of the things people were saying but decided to ignore it as best as you could. Annie was already acting as if it never happened in the first place, you glanced at her a few times, she noticed but never looked back.
"What did I even do exactly?"
"That's what I'd like to know." Reiner laughed out, walking next to you as everyone began exiting out of the mess hall.
"Whatever you did though, keep doing it. It's actually a nice change to see her being so...nice." He patted your shoulder roughly, his hand engulfing it entirely.
'If only what I knew what that something was." You didn't dare say this out loud as you didn't want to think about it any further and just focus on whatever Shadis had planned today.

Hopefully it wouldn't end in a complete shit storm but knowing the 104th trainee corps, the chances of anything running smoothly was slim.


"Uncle?" You stared up at the man casually leaning against the archway of Reiss Chapel. He turned his head at the sound of your voice,
"Who else did you expect?"
"I-I, don't know." you breathed out, he nodded his head, that was a good as an answer as any for the moment. He offered his calloused hand towards you, dried up blood still visible through the lines, you had forgotten the scouts had just gotten back.

"Get out of the way, there's no doubt more  people coming." You nodded, taking his hand as he led you to a less crowded area.
"Where's my dad and (B\N) at?" You wasted no time, the chance of them being dead was high, but despite your gut feeling. Confirmation was needed to have any kind of closure,
"Dead, I'm sorry. The abnormal trampled them." Sadness washed over you but your eyes had no desire to tear up. this wasn't the time or place. You felt as if you didn't have the right to, others stayed their silently and they have lost so much more.

"(Name)?" He knelled down to your level, his grey eyes shone with concern, for such a youthful face, he certainly had a lot of grey hair..
"I'm sorry." You sniffled out, looking him in the eye, "Just a shock is all." He was taken aback by your statement, you were one of the strongest people he ever met.
"What about my mom?"
"She's alive." A jolt went through you and your (e/c) orbs widened to twice their original size.
"Before you see her there's something you should know." (U/N) was a straight forward man, never made anyone wait any longer than necessary, he told it straight and truthfully. Maybe if you had innocence he'd be less blunt about it, but the last shred of it was discarded the moment you saw that titan break through the wall.

Your feeling of happiness was extinguished quickly as he placed a hand on your shoulder,
"In her condition though...I think she'd rather be dead." Speaking for others was usually not correct but (U/N) knew your mother better than most. The world became mute at that point, people's chatter and cries were non-existent as you registered what he had said. For a moment, he had thought he said too much as silence filled the air.

"I still want to see her."
Harlow Khan
Javier, Salem & Callahan's dad.
Soul Eater Background Character [2/7]

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Any glimmer of hope that was there before was smothered, light had stopped shining on humanity long ago. You were born in these walls, you'd live in these walls and you'd die in them, forgotten. There was options, becoming a soldier seemed to be the only way out, if you died at least you'd be "a sacrafice for humanity to live on." 
Your top priority was your own survival, it was selfish but you honestly doubt that anyone here would risk their neck for you, so why should you return the favor? 

Still...getting killed by man eating giants was better than living an unfilled life, others probably weren't content with that and just lived simple but you were always the wild one of your district. Maybe not as crazy as Yeager but you certainly had as much determination, just less shouting. 

You look now at the barren plot of land ahead, the only thing rising out of it was the sun, a small bit of fortune smiled upon you this day. It was foolish to feel joy or happiness, forging bonds would result in more pain and not being focused could get you killed. 

It was a day off for all the cadets, so most of them if not all were still sleeping, you would be too if insomnia hadn't kicked in the night before. 
"I wonder if I made the right choice, coming here?" Self doubt was inevitable, though your decision to join was hasty you knew, even at that time, there would be consequences, this was one of many. You regretted this, sure but you were too far in to quit now and no way in hell you were going to be a farmer.

What was a beautiful sunrise soon became harsh, as the rays shone mercilessly in your eyes, clearly not caring about your existential crisis.  
"Really?" You asked scornfully to no one in particular as you shielded your eyes, staring at the land bitterly, as if it had any control over it.  

Turning your back on the light, you watched as the remnants of the night had slowly  dissapeared.  It was odd to be the only one conscious in the area, the silence was peaceful and it had soothed the creeping anxiety from all the over-thinking. Your troubles disappeared from the world doing absolutely nothing. 


Your mood had turned fowl once the first souls had stirred from their slumber, already feeling the need to talk obnoxiously loud. 
"You honestly think you're going to be  the top ten? I bet all of my money you won't even make it in the 20s."
"It's not like your high up on the ranks, from what I hear, you're on Shadis' shitlist."
"Everyone is on Shadis' shitlist and you both are about to be on mine if you don't shut up." 

You'd recognize the voices on your bunkmates from miles but that didn't necessarily mean you were close to them. They talked in their sleep and basically any other time, it was pointless chatter most of the time and you were glad you'd be switching rooms soon. 
"Cadet..." You recognized this voice, it held authority and intensity as no other, you immediately straighted up and saluted. 
"Sir." You voice didn't waver for once, despite the death stare you received from your trainer. 
"What are you doing out this early?" 

"Couldn't sleep last night so I just came out to get some fresh air sir." Skeptical as ever, Shadis squinted his eyes at you thinking you might be trying to steal food from the kitchens like Sasha. 
"Get back in your cabin." He ordered, you were surprised he let you off easy, but you felt a hell of a training exercise coming tomorrow. 
"NOW!" His voice seemed to shake the very earth and that was your cue to run like hell back to your bunk. 


"Hey are you going to finish that?" You looked up from the watery glop of mush that the cook dared call 'soup'. (E/c) eyes met with brown ones and boy did those eyes look hungry,
"No, go ahead and take it." You stated, pushing your tray of untouched food to the girl. 
"R-really?" She looked surprised but when you nodded her eyes began to sparkle. She grabbed the tray and ran off faster than you could blink. 
"Weird girl." You thought. 


Even though it was a day off, some people were still training hand to hand so you decided to find a partner, as seeing there was nothing else better to do. 
"[Name]!" You heard the familiar voice of one of your bunkmates call your name, you turned your head to see him waving. Your (dark/light) brows shot up on surprise as you saw he was alone, never were the three separated and it was even more surprising he knew your name. 

"Come 'ere." You sighed, walking over to him slowly, but he honestly didn't seem to mind. 
"Catch." He tossed a wooden knife, which you caught easily, staring at it in confusion you looked back up at him. 
"The hell did you give me this for?" Without context, and from your tone it would've sounded pretty rude but he simply laughed at your straight forward ways. 
"What else do you use a knife like this for? You walked here, so I'm guessing you want to train, no other reason for coming here." You shrugged, silently agreeing to be his sparring partner. 

"I heard you're switching bunks."
"Since I'm doing that, NOW you're interested in me." 
"Well, no offense but you are kind of scary looking and brooding." He countered your attack easily, so you aimed for the legs, sweeping him off of his feet his body making a painful sound upon impact. 
"I do not brood." You retaliated, pinning his arms and holding the wooden knife to his throat. 
"Whatever you say. Now get the hell off of me." You obliged, pulling him up to his feet. 

Deep in your conversation and in your training, it was nearly impossible to feel a pair of cold blue eyes watching your every move. 

"You lost?" This was your initial reaction to a certain trio sitting across from you. 
"Far from it, your always alone. Thought you might need some company." Eren seemed truly genuine,
"Well as much as I appreciate your concern. I sit alone by choice." The three stared at you, unmoving, you were just about to get up and find another table only for a hand to push you back down. 

You stopped, mid reel in for your punch when the person you saw who did it was bigger than you a lot bigger.  
"Hey, don't try and leave now. The party's just getting started."  Reiner sat next to your right, there was no getting out of this, soon enough the entire table was packed shoulder to shoulder with rowdy teens. All the information they managed to get out of you was your name and age before they got wrapped up in their own conversations. 

You pinched the bridge of your nose, feeling a headache approaching. Seeing as they were distracted, you took this as an open door to escape before Reiner got ahold of your shoulder again. 
"Leaving?" You looked at the owner of the soft voice, it was almost unwordly but then you recognized the owner of it and that innocence melted away knowing that this girl could kick your ass. 
"Yeah, I think I've had enough for one day. I'm not really the social type." Mikasa just gave you that unreadable look she had on 90% of the time. 

This, of course, made you nervous ,
"Well....I appreciate the sentiment of everyone keeping me company for dinner. I sit alone for a resson, so just don't waste anymore of your time on things that won't make a difference.
"l'll remember that." Her eyes betrayed the shock she had felt at your words for a spilt second, before turning dull again. 
"Sweet of you to keep me in your thoughts." You stated sarcastically and giving a wink as sort of a joke before you started heading to the exit

"Wait!" You huffed, people were just not letting up today.
"What? " you turned to be met with the same girl who you gave your breakfast to earlier. 
"Here, for earlier." She had tore the loaf of bread in her hands as evenly as possible, handing you one half of it. 
"Oh, thanks." This was shocking but you accepted the bread nevertheless, giving her a small smile to truly show your appreciation. Her face turned red and she ran off, nearly choking on the bread she now had in her mouth, this left you standing near the door way, baffled. 

Even though she was no where in sight and table still didn't notice your absence, you felt someone staring holes in the back of your head. Not having the energy to deal with any one else, you decided to ignore the owner of the deadly eyes, sneaking out out of the hall. 

"[Name] you stay put okay? We'll be right back, I promise." A face very similar to your own controted in worry at your lack of response. 
"Why what's going on?"
"[B/N] tell me." Your older brother sighed, hesitant to tell you about the breech as he didn't want you to freak out anymore than necessary. 

"Titans have breeched Shiganshina, one of the outer districts of this wall. We're going to get you out of here, better safe than sorry." Your father appeared from behind your brother, he wasn't the type to sugar coat things. 
"Only me, what about you? And where's mum?" 
"You know we have a duty son, and your mother  posted in Shinganshina today, she's likely fighting." Your mother, brother and father were all part of the Garrison, you had an uncle in the scouts and a cousin in the military police but you only met them a handful of times. 

"You're going to go to Wall Rose, we'll be there by night fall. Your uncle will be there waiting for you." Tears threatened to fall, all of this was happening too fast, 
"[Name]." Your brother snapped you back to reality, the boat was about to set sail, you didn't want to leave but you knew at the same time you couldn't contribute. 
"Take this, we were going to give it to you when you decided where you were heading but just in case." He gave you a wink letting you know it had to be a secret.  

You hugged eachother tightly, you knew that this was going to be the last time you'd see your family. Another pair of arms wrapped around you, it was selfish but you wished it had lasted longer. Distant screams had pulled apart the hug, 
"What in the hell?" The ground started to shake, your father and brother turned to face the gate  between Maria and Shanginshina. 
"Get that boat going man, now!" Your father ordered the captain and before you knew it the boat started to drift away from the land.
"We love you, never forget that!" They shouted in unison before running to the wall.

In a flash the gate had been destroyed, by a titan that didn't look like any other. Your heart dropped to your stomach when you saw no sign of your brother or father. 
"What the hell is that thing?" A person asked out in utter horror, you pryed your eyes away from the titan in armor, opening your palm to see what your brother had gave you. 

It was a ring. 
And what was on it?

The Wings of Freedom


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