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 Knock! Knock knock!
 A low grumble escaped your aching throat as the constant sound of knocking at your door made your head throb. You'd barely noticed that you had fallen asleep the night before on the couch, tissues littering the floor and coffee table.
 "Maybe she's still asleep?"
 "Ve~ she could've stepped out!"
 "I sent her a text before saying we were on our way."
 A task as simple as sitting up proved to be too difficult - maybe if your head wasn't banging like a drum and the room didn't start spinning when you moved. If they were really worried, then they could use the spare key (lord knows they've broken in on other occasions).
 You knew them almost too well because within the next few seconds they had fished the spare key from the welcome mat outside and let themselves in. A light gasp escaped them when they noticed the battlefield of a room that you had created since last night, full of tissues and throat-lozenge wrappers.
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 339 99
Axis x Deaf! Reader: The Sweet Sound
“Count off!” The loud German yelled.
“Uno.” The Italian said with his normal smile.
“Ni!” The Japanese man said straitening up.
“Three.” You said as the German looked at his team.
“Today’s training is a simple one.” He started as you thought.
‘A simple one? We just ran I don’t know how many miles already plus those pushups and pull ups oh and don’t forget the sit ups.’ You realized you were talking in your head and not listening so you pulled yourself back to what the German was saying.
“Today ve vill deal vith how to properly throw a grenade.” He said as they all watched. “First you take the pin out,” He used his teeth and spit it out.  “and you throw.” He tossed the grenade as it exploded  from a distance. “______!”
“Y-yes?” You cleared your throat as you repeated your reply without it sounding shaky. “Yes?”
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 792 160
Axis x Independent!Country!Reader: I'll Be There
"(C/N) (C/N) HELP ME!" Italy shouted. He tripped on a rock and he was whining that loud. You sighed. Ever since you joined the Axis Germany made you in charge of Italy. You could handle Italy with his cries of help and Germany's training (Sometimes). You could even handle Japan. But then again Japan wasn't that needy or strict. Nevertheless, you enjoyed being with them.
"Okay let me get you a band aid." You reached into your pocket and opened the band aid, sticking it on to Italy's knee.
"Ve~ thank you (C/n)!" He said as he hugged you, you hugged back smiling to yourself. Germany coughed and you both looked at him.
"So we need to know how to beat the Allies." He said as he looked at you. "You have any ideas (C/n)?"
" not now." You replied awkwardly.
"That's fine, be sure to think more though." He said. "Italy keep training."
"Ve~ it's tiring though."
"I don't care just do it." Germany sternly said jogging off to do another lap.
"Why does Germany not boss you around?"
"I don't
:icongemiri:Gemiri 447 96
REQUEST:: Scotland/Wales/Ireland/EnglandxReader
The pouring rain was driving you crazy.
"Why is it always when I visit the English area… it always RAINS?" you screamed to the sky. A few people turned to look at you, but quickly went on their way when you just pulled your jacket hood over your head, giving them looks, and wished the hood would help block the rain from destroying your hair even more.
You stayed close to the inside of the sidewalk, farthest away from the road, closet to the buildings while their roofs protected you a little more from the rain, and from cars driving by and splashing water on you.
You had been to England too much to know that a pub was almost around every corner, so you decided you would stop at the nearest one. They usually had a fire and a drink that would "warm you up" – also it would give you a chance to brush your hair out.
You entered the pub filled with men drinking and giggling like girls to each other.
'Crap…. here we go.' You thought to yourself. You remembered the last time you
:iconimmixyandimblue:ImMixyAndImBlue 392 193
Supernatural BTTxReader
"Ding Dong"
You raced down the hallway and picked up the large bowl of candy. Opening the door you smiled down at the trick-or-treaters. "Happy Halloween!"
Smiling you watched as they each took a piece, then raced down your walkway.
Closing the door you looked behind you. Your cat Kiku watched the bowl in your hand.
"Don't worry Kiku, I'm not handing out your Tuna treats." The little cat huffed, flicking his stub tail.
The doorbell rang again, spinning around, you opened the door again. Iggy, your neighbor stood behind his twins, Alfred and Matthew.
"TRICK OR TREAT MS._________!!!!!" Alfred crowed
He was dressed as a Cowboy. Matthew was dressed as Winnie The Pooh.
While the boys picked out a piece, you grinned at Arthur, "So how are the cooking classes going?" The Englishman rolled his eyes "The teacher threatened to sue because I accidentally lit his favorite oven on fire." Laughing you patted the boys
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 370 351
Goodnight - BTT x Reader
The curtains were closed, but through the small opening in the middle a sliver of moonlight casted on the floor. It was silent, save for the soft snoring of those who were asleep in the bed.
“Frau(1)?” Gilbert whispered into the darkness, laying on his back with his hand resting behind his head. He waited for a response, hearing nothing but the soft swish of the fan above him.
“Yeah?” (Name) responded finally, in a hoarse, sleepy whisper. He chuckled.
“I vas going to ask if you vere avake,” he whispered in return, shuffling in the bed so that he was laying on his back with his arms at his sides now, her doing the same on his left. Their arms were pressed gently against one another’s.
On (Name)’s left lay Antonio, his stomach moving up and down in sync as he snored softly, lost in his dreams. On the right of Gilbert lay Francis, shuffling a bit in his sleep, his hair showing bedhead, something he’d never let the public see.
:iconshikujiru:shikujiru 318 18
:: Headcanon! Denmark (really rough notes) by Los-Ticos :: Headcanon! Denmark (really rough notes) :iconlos-ticos:Los-Ticos 16 5 [APH] Scandinavia by Umi92 [APH] Scandinavia :iconumi92:Umi92 1 0
[long overdue] qrow branwen.

qrow branwen/reader

vol4 spoilers!
Qrow is- well, you know, maybe better than anyone else; Qrow is Qrow, unapologetically and unabashedly so. Years of travelling and fighting side by side with him, you’ve learn to know what a curve of his arm means, and the thin creaking of the gears in his scythe. Sword? Swythe? (Whatever.)
When he follows his niece on a literal suicide mission, you trail behind. Taiyang scolds you for it, the day before you leave.
“He’s trouble,” Tai frowns, pausing. “Quite literally, actually.”
“Qrow is nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” You chuckle, waving away his doubt. “I’ve dealt with him for years.” 
“Misfortune isn’t something to laugh at, (Name).” 
You look at him quietly, the humour in your gaze gone, “I know, Tai.”
“Then?” The question hangs heavy in the air, and you can
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 16 2
vibing by warrip vibing :iconwarrip:warrip 13 0
Your Idiot
Hetalia Denmark/Germany/The Netherlands X Reader
Simply put, you're a sucker for mysteries.
Nothing delights you more than watching a good murder mystery series and carefully contemplating the various outcomes. Would this grand tale end in a tragic cliché? Would there ever be an end; did a cliffhanger await the end of this chapter too-?
A muffled bump and a squeak announces the fact that you've been caught off-guard. Gracelessly your knees buckle and your chin slips from your hand to smack off of the countertop. The book clutched in your other hand flops lazily onto the place your elbow just occupied, the pages bending like leaves in the wind as the crumple against the counter.
For a moment, you just sit there, recalling what on earth just happened to your legs. Fitfully you swipe your book from the counter and skim over the pages; a few creases have marred the smooth sheets, but to your relief the dog-ears have been mercifully avoided. Having confi
:iconquietlywriting:QuietlyWriting 13 4
Christmas Kisses - The Lounge Room
Hetalia Various X Female!Reader
The Lounge Room
Quickly and quietly a (colour)-haired nation scampers down a corridor, her eyes flitting this way and that in careful observance. She pauses at the next divide in the hallway and takes note of the silence around her.
It's roughly twenty minutes after leaving the conference room that (Name) finally comes to the conclusion that she's escaped the notice of everyone, and decides to seek shelter. Eagerly she hurries along the corridor, her mind already picturing her place of solace; the welcoming embrace of an armchair and the warmth that flows in smooth waves from a fireplace are not something that can be resisted easily.
Her journey is short and sweet; a sense of ease sweeps over her as she lays eyes on the familiar door. She wraps her hand around the handle and opens it with an unnecessary flourish. Almost instantly, warmth swathes her in a friendly embrace.
Her eyes jog a circuit of the room, taking in the heated colours
:iconquietlywriting:QuietlyWriting 19 9
Hetalia X Country!Male Reader 1/?
Okay, I made another Hetalia X Male!Reader, this time it will be a series.
Male!Reader-chan here will be a bit dark.
I do not own Hetalia.
I do not own the Image, it's an official art.
(y/n)= Your name/Male name
(c/n)= Country Name
(h/c)= Hair color
Warning: Contains Ideologies and Political business and quite detailed history.
Long chapter

"Oh, great, I'm invited at the World meeting tomorrow... Again." (y/n) said sarcastically as he read the letter. He took a sip of his morning coffee while eating chicken Teriyaki.
"Sir, it would be much better if you joined the world meeting. You didn't attend last year." His secretary bluntly. (y/n) sighed deeply.
"Da, I know that." The (h/c) nation said straightly.
"Sir, with all due respect, your relation towards most nations will fade away. The only nations you are able to contact with were Russia, Japan and Canada. But even though you are able to contact with them, it is not enough." The secretary said, doing his best not to disrespect
:iconelijahreyes:ElijahReyes 55 13
Spies and Apple Pies [America x Reader]
“If one were to, per say, halt the production of steel, it would cripple the economy, yes?” you asked, hiding your thick accent behind a mixture of quietness and an awkward imitation of a southern American accent. The strange look you received from the informant signified you were no longer going to get any information out of the random citizen you had decided to question.
Taking out a pen, you scratched another code of information from your small notepad before stuffing it back in your purse. “Ah, Mister Russia!” you sighed to yourself. With a groan, you closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose. Another day of frustration and getting nowhere.
“These Americans don't understand anything. How can Mister Russia even be threaten by such a strange country such as this?” you stomped your foot against the ground and huffed. You missed being home, being able to speak in your own language, and the freedom to walk around without receiving strange a
:iconvariafran:VariaFran 10 3
America x British!Reader x England
America x British!Depressed!Reader x England

Warning: Curse words and depression.

And this fanfiction happens over time!


''No Alfred, but thank you, I can walk home alone.'' You said in your beautiful British accent while trying to outwalk Alfred. He was trailing behind you, and apparently wanted to tell you something important.
''Ah, never stop talking! I can't get enough of your accent!'' Alfred complimented you as he had caught up with you again. ''It's just an accent.'' you snorted. ''But I need to tell you something important [Name]'' Alfred said, suddenly very serious.
''Then tell me...'' You mumbeled looking down and started fiddling with your infashion long dress. ''I...'' He started. ''I don't think I can be your friend anymore...''

And that, my dear, is the sound of a big heart being broken in thousand unglueable pieces.

''Of course, I understand, I-I-I-I
:iconnorges-butter:Norges-butter 212 45
Axis x Reader: Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun
Axis x Reader
"____________! ____________! Open the damn door!" called a familiar fuming Italian voice. You heard fists pounding at your bedroom door. You sighed and rolled your eyes. Typical Lovino.
"Fratello, you're gonna break the door," warned another Italian voice, this time it was worried. Feliciano always tried to calm his brother down.
"Are you there, __________-san?" Ah, Kiku. Always calm and collected. Your best friends came to play. And by play of course that meant dragging you off your ass to a fun hang out place. This time, it was the water park.
"Hold on a minute, will you?! Just come in and wait. It's open anyway," you called. You were still packing your essentials and looking for you favorite swimsuit. You heard the sound of your door opening and closing and the footsteps walking toward you. "Quick question," you said, your back still turned to them. "Did my mom let you in the house, or did Gil break the door down again?"
"Your mom let us in," Lovino
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(Name)(Last name), though not particularly outstanding in a specific field. He has a deep understanding of the maneuverability gear equal or more to Springer and Kirstein's.  His personality at first had caused friction with other cadets but overtime he has become more trusting of his teammates. 

It seems he doesn't show his true potential as to not outshine others.
Cadet Evaluations  #(Favourite #)
(Name) (Middle) (LastName) 
104th Traniee Corps
-Keith Shadis. 

"Phew! I think thats the last of them!" The squad leader unceremoniously dropped the stack of paper's on her desk. 
"This is just the evaluations of cadets who are interested in joining the scouts alone?" Moblit looked between the stack of papers and his superior frantically. 
She simply nodded, wiping the sweat off her brow and crash landing into her seat. 

"Well don't stand there, lets get started." 

"So how did that happen?" 
"I got hit for the upteenth time." You nearly shouted out, you had been asked this question so many times for the past weekthat you actually lost count. You slammed your tray on the table, sitting down and throwing your head back dramatically, making a sound that could only be identified as a groan. 

"Well..." the moptop blonde across from you coughed awkwardly, attempting to break the ice. 
"That's not why we're really anyways." You straightened up, looking at the trio, brows now shot up. Before anything was said you pointed at Eren's wrapped up head, 
"How the hell did that happen?" 

The temperamental teen scratched his cheek with his finger, 
"Uh, that's kind of why we came and sat here." He was being undeniably awkward, it was almost funny but you didn't laugh out of the embarrassment he probably felt. 
You leaned forward, pushing the tray out of the way, you were curious as to what he was going to say. 

"We heard that you're a master at the manueverbilty gear and I was wondering if you could help teach me in anyway..." His eyes veered off to the side, it was flattering but it was more confusing to you than anything. 
"Well I'm not horrible at it but I'm not really sure what to tell you." 

"Anything! I need to know!" He slammed his hands on the table, his teal eyes were alit, you chuckled, leaning back. 
"Well a good tip is not to yell while doing it. Kind of tenses everything else up." Though the fire was still there it became tame. 
"Before anything though lets just eat lunch first."


"You can't get angry about it, you're tensing up." 
"Its getting me nowhere!"
"Because you keep getting frustrated, relax for once Yeager." You crossed you arms, standing infront of the pulley, nodding to Mikasa to lift it again. 
"Now breathe and stay still, put all of your weight to your hips." He nodded, despite the killer headache he had, there was no letting up on his determination. 

Eren took a deep breath as he was slowly lifted up in the air. He followed your advice and for a second he managed not to flip over. 
'Shit." His eyes closed shut, waiting for the harsh impact of the ground only for it to never come. 
"I think that's enough for today." You breathed out, amazed you were able to stop his fall. 

Mikasa let go of the ropes,  even though you managed to catch him she ran to the brunette like a bat out of hell. Whilst unhooking him he had a blank look on his face, still clearly pissed that it didn't work.
"He's all good. I'm surprised I got to him before you." You stated to the wideyed beauty, still having yours plastered on undoing the many buckles of the equipment. 

To think nearly three years ago, they sat across the table from a lonely (h/c) out of pity and for him to sneak away. Now the boy was nearly a man and helping them out, just with a single but simple sentence,  you rendered Mikasa Ackerman speechless. 

She averted her gaze from you, heat crawling up towards her pale face. 
"You know it probably isn't even you. Maybe there's a malfunction problem with the harnesses, you never know." The finally clasp was undone and Eren took a wobbly step forward before stretching, he then looked at you awaiting to hear more. 
"Even if not, knowing you and your crazy suicidal ass will get the hang of it soon enough." 

Usually that name irked him but you managed to make him snort a bit. 
"Bet you'll make it before the end of the week." 
"Try before the end of tomorrow." He grinned. 

You two shook on it. 


The brunette squinted her eyes at a peculiar evaluation, 
"That name, so familiar..." she hummed to herself, tapping her chin in thought. 
"Look at his mother's name, maiden name ring any bells?" The male asked pointing to the name under 'famiily relations'.

Family Realtions 

Mother- Elaine (LastName) Formally Petridus  [idk just go with it]
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'5 
Weight: Undisclosed 
Martial Status: Widowed 
Residence: Wall Maria
Status: Deceased 
Occuption: Garrison 
Rank: Commanding Officer 
Partner: Atlas (LastName)
Parents:  Unknown
Siblings: Je-

"Jess!" The mad woman yelled to the squad leader passing by outside. Her voice was loud enough to startle him and drop the stack of papers he was carrying, despite the barrier between them.

His steel eyes casted her a cold look but she ignored his seething and kept a grin on ger face, swinging the window open. 
"You're going to give me a heart attack one of these days you know." He stated, bending down to pick up the papers he previously dropped. 

"If that so happens you know I'll take care of you."
"I dont you want to be anywhere near my helpless body." He retorted when her brown eyes glinted mischeviously.
"Nevermind that, I need you to take a look at this." She stuck her arm out of the window, nearly hitting him in the face with the piece of paper. 

He eyed her suspiciously before snatching it from her hand and reading it, 
"You wouldn't happen to know the kid now?" The brunette asked , leaning on the window pane. 
"Why are you so interested in my nephew?"


You and the Shinganshina trio had parted after Eren made that bet, Mikasa sending backward glances your way before they were out of sight. 
"Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon so we can move on to whatever's next." You thought, putting the equipment up you got earlier. 

"Hey." You nearly jumped out of your skin, thinking beforehand that you were completely alone in the storage room. 
"C-Can you at least knock?" You asked in angry whisper, back still turned to the other soul in the room. 
"That move..." the voice drawled out, clearly a female's. 

"Your going to  have be more specific." You stated turning around to face the blonde leaning against the doorframe, blocking your only exit out of the room. 
"Last week, during combat training. I saw you knock your partner out." 
"And so did everyone else in the area." You stated blandly, the events starting to sound like old news to you. 

Her eyebrows knitted at your response but she didn't seem angry nor irritated, just, impatient. 
"What was that move you used on him?" Your brows shot up at her question, 
"Its called an uppercut...?" You were baffled, honestly this was one of the last things you'd ever think of Annie asking you. 

"No, before that. His knees gave out before you even pulled back a punch." 
"You're quite the observer. I'm surprised you didn't already know something like that." You chuckled out, 
"What's that's supposed to mean?" She tilted her head to the side, stepping forward. 

Usually, you'd be scared out of your wits end being stuck in a room with the lioness but somehow, you were oddly comfortable. 
'Exactly how I said it, come on, you're smarter than that." You retorted, much to her surprise, a chuckle escaped pass your lips again noticing in her change of expression. 

"My session wasn't the only spectacle that day, I recall you put on a hell of a show too.  Flipping Yeager and Reiner like that." 
"They had it coming." She shrugged, as if it were nothing. 
"Uh-huh I'm sure they did but you wanna know that whole woobly knee trick I made Lee do." You beckoned her to come closer, which she did after a small moment of hesitation. 

"Give me your hands." You ordered, she simply rose a brow at you, suspicion written across her usually stoic face. 
"I'm not trying to be sly or anything, you want to know this move so I'll teach it to you." You gave her look, hopefully that would convince her that she could trust you.

Reluctantly, she gave you her hands, they were cold, as you had predicted.
"All humans have pressure points-" You flipped them over so her palms were facing upwards, it was then you realized how small her hands were compared to yours. 

You would've made a remark but the air was already awkward enough, 
"Though exact spots vary from person to person but the general area is always the same." Your hands travelled up a bit, stopping once you placed one thumb on each wrist. 

Your eyes remained downcast on the hands, despite the other person involved was staring intensely at your face. 
"Some can just make people's knees give out, others can make them pass out and a few can just flat out kill them."
"Do you know them all?" You looked up to meet her eyes, your hands still having a firm grasp on her  wrists. 

"Hm...ah no, " a small smile came across your lips. "I only know the the first two I mentioned, I was never taught any of the fatal ones." You looked back down again, 
"I usually go for the wrists or sometimes the back of the neck, I guess I got lucky when I hit Lee's exact spot."
"So you didn't know where to press exactly." 
"Heh, yeah and he wasn't about to give me the time to search for it." 

"So it was a gamble."
"Exactly so." 
The Sound of Silence Fem!Snk x Male!Reader IV
I, unintentionally did a shake on it deal, 2 chapters in a row.  
This is really uneventful, I know. 

Probably some grammar errors and all that.…



I own nothing
"I swear to you, I'm perfectly fine."
"Are you truly?  You may be the smartest being in all the realms, but I seem to know more about you than you do about yourself."  This resulted in the stubborn woman to scoff and cross her arms over her chest at her companion.
"Its nothing, I've been through this multiple times over." She puffs out her cheeks, tapping her foot on the stoneroad impatiently, she clearly doesn't have the tolerance for an argument  today.

"Elyza…" her lover's deep voice rumbled out, "You know as well as I, that facing the same thing over and over again, does not lessen the suffering." He didn't even try to mask his irritation either, these two were too much alike at times.
"Hmph, maybe that applies to you darling, but I can hold my own." She flicks his nose with those slender fingers of hers, he didn't even flinch at that.

He continued walking down the malechite stone like road, giving his reply when Elyza caught up to him.
"Of that, I have no doubt. Those cracks, on the other hand, tell me a very different story."  He pointed at the creepcluster of cracks, slithering up and across her skin. They appeared dark and as a empty plot of space against her stark white skin, Elyza instinctively tugged on the collar of her dress, covering up what little could be seen of her breaking down body.

Insecurity had hit, despite her lover not caring about appearances. The only thing that bugged him was the mask she put on to hide the pain,
"Seems I certainly struck a cord, don't get all quite on me now Zya." Said the male, looking beside him in his perhephial vision. A turn of the  head was the only response he got,
"The pain of the decaying of this body isn't much at this point."

Elyza herself twisted her head to face her lover,
"What's bothering you then?"
"That, one of these days, I won't be able to walk beside you as I do now." He dared to scoff,
"An immortal fearing death? Quite the paradox my love."  She shook her head, raven colored pigtails breaking the laws of physics in the process.

They both stopped walking on the beautiful road, if not for the distress, it would've been a wonderful sight.
"If only I had a fear as simple as death Delora. You know more than anyone of my…situation."
Delora's brows shot up in an instant, going to place a hand on Elyza's shoulder, only to have her coldly shrug it off. Pushing only on the aspect of immortality, he continued badgering his love with impossible to answer questions.

"You think you'll lose any aspect of a physical form in this world?"
"In any! And I don't think,  I know!"  She shook at the thought,
"There's never a definite answer, but I always look up to the one that has things working out for us." He was calm about the whole endeavor,  but she knew he cared about her deeply. Delora has an odd…way, to express concern.

"Not everything comes out the way you wish…we are survivors of that saying." She slumped her shoulders, her blue screla eyes dimming slightly , a clear sign she was exhausted for the day.
"I'm hardly so ignorant of the ways of the Universe, if I was, I wouldn't be alive now, would I?" He was rather snarky in that remark, so the next reply was exactly what he deserved.

Elyza poked the living hell out of her lover's chest,
"Our of all retorts…you're such a smartass." A scowl was plastered on her face, he took her badgering with a ghost of a smile on his face. After a few minutes of the chest poking, he grabbed her hand to give her pause.

"I think we…" Delora sighed, lifting up her hand to gently kiss her fingers, he brushed his lips against them but nothing more. He used his free arm to wrap around her waist and pull her close to his chest, dropping the hand he was previously holding, she allowed him to continue.
Even so far as letting him tug on her dress collar enough to see the cracks crawling up her neck.

"Deserve a soft epilogue my love." He, in an agonisingly slow way reached for her neck, brushing his thumb against a crack. Elyza stood there, frozen, looking up at her lover,
"What do you think you're doing Delora?" It was meant to come out as menacing, but only managed to come out as an angry whisper.

"We are good people…" he kissed her forehead, then wrapped her in an embrace, she shook slightly, hearing nothing from his hollow chest.
"And we have suffered enough."
Love as lasting as the ages
This is a well over-do gift for my friend. 

Elyza @ Kachina-The-Mouse
Delora/Demise me
And who in the hell are you?" The figure of your training instructor towered over you almost completely. The sun had tucked itself behind him, beads of sweat were no longer  poured out of heat but anticipation.

You put your heart into the salute, staring back at his suken eyes with just as much fireceness.
"[Name] [LastName], Wall Rose, Karanes District!" You stated, there was a moment of hesitation before you said the district but you bit your tongue. For Maria was gone and all the memories that came with it. 

There was a flicker in his eyes when he heard the last name but said nothing. 
"WHY ARE YOU HERE?" He bended over to your eye level, his face uncomfortably close to yours.
"To help humanity, sir!" 
"Oh to help..." his voice got dangerously low. "The only thing I can see you help with is being food."

You knitted your brows as he pounded down on your self-worth. This was part of initiation, you knew this but you couldn't help but bite back. 
"Its better than nothing." 

Those words would've started a war with anyone else but not with Shadis. Infact, you became one of his favorites.

"34...35...36...37. Pick yourself up or I'll double the numbers cadet." Shadis' heel dug mercilessly into your back, adding more weight. As if pushups weren't hard enough,
"The man is ruthless." You thought, picking yourself back up.  

{Point of  view from other cadets. {Mostly the Females} }

A dozen or so cadets watched as you endured punishment for something that was a complete accident.
"That's  [Name] right?" One muttered to another,
"He never breaks the rules. I wonder what happened."  

This gossip reeled in even more cadets to watch,
"How many is he at now?" A certain tall blonde asked, easily seeing over the crowd.
"6-60, I defiantly won't be getting his dinner from him. " Sasha responded, it was unclear if her face was flushed from the heat or other reasons.

She clearly wasn't the only female getting antsy watching your exertion.
"63...64..." Grey eyes watched over your every move, the way your eyebrows furrowed in concentration. The way your teeth gritted in obvious soreness every time you pushed yourself back up.

Her eyes wandered further down, she began to admire the way your arms flexed and the way  sweat slid off of your body. The ravenette's pale cheeks  flushed with a shade of pink, others took notice of this but said nothing out of fear.

Annie was one of the first specters on the scene and had a nice spot in the front row. She, much like Mikasa watched your movements intensely,  though she watched your eyes more than anything else.

The fire in them in was not as intense as Eren's, dull compared to them infact. Its as if there was a thin window blocking the fire from the outside world. It was so close but she wasn't able to grab it,
"89...90...91..." There was a brief pause and out of all eyes in the crowd, yours ended up connecting.

There was a crack in the window now, heat caressed the tips of her fingers.

They were letting the fire out but you were breaking down their walls.

"I want to die." You stated, laying in the dirt, you breathlessly laughed thinking back on why you got the punishment in the first place.

2 hours Earlier

"Hand to hand training, are you kidding? I'd rather clean up horse shit." Lee stared idly at the wooden knife in his hand, eyebrows furrowed. You hardly listened to him,  your thoughts running amok, the brunette took notice of this and saw this as his window. 

With a devious grin on his face, he charged, your eyes snapped over to him when you felt pressure against your abandomen. That clearly wasn't enough as he wanted to push you to the ground.

Digging your heels in the dirt, you both halted.
"Not today." You growled out grabbing his wrist with both hands. He used his free hand to swing but suddenly his knees went wobbly, and a sharp pain surged through his jaw.

You had punched him, hard so much more than you intended.  The pressure on your stomach was gone as the wooden knife slipped from his fingers, landing on the ground.

The teen almost collided with the ground himself if not for your quick reflexes.
"Lee?" You shook your friend's limp body,
"Holy shit, did you knock him out?" Connie and Sasha stared with wide eyes, you couldn't tell of they were shocked or amazed.

"Did I really?" Guilt washed over you as you took a good look at his face, agape mouth and eyes rolled back.
"Oh...I guess I did."


"Look over there." A tall blonde nodded to you carrying a limp body over your shoulder.* *Reiner wasnt the only one looking, as nearly every cadet in the viewing area stared at you. 

"Good thing I wasn't partnered with him."
"Same." Eren breathed out, distracted* *momentarily before focusing back on his own training.

The eyes on you were the least of your concerns, all you could think of was how pissed off he'd be when he woke up.*
"Cadet." Your body went rigid, trying to salute at  your superior and failing.

"What happened here?" His suken eyes focusing on the cadet over your shoulder.
"Well, I hit him harder than expected. It was a slip up I swear."
"I think you forgot this was just practice. Give him to me." You gulped, handing over your unconscious friend, which the bald man held as if he was weightless.

"Stay here." He ordered before walking off, you nodded even though his back was turned. You bit the inside of your cheek, calculating exactly how screwed you were


"100 pushups, in this heat, how are you even still alive?" You looked up to see a pair of boots, you didn't need to lift any further to know it was Reiner.

"Says the bear of the trainees." You grumbled, he simply chuckled,
"Come on and get your ass up." You sighed, pushing yourself up and taking his hand.
"Atta boy!" The blonde stated smacking your back rather hard.

You went rigid, casting him a dark look but that hardly changed his amused expression.
"You're an ass." You stated, doing a few stretches to pop some joints.
"What did you even do to get a punishment like that?"

You two began walking towards the mess hall, the ever-so silent Bertolt tagging along.
"Heh, long story short. I hit him...a little too hard."
"Thats why you were carrying him?" You nodded, the feeling of guilt creeping up again.

"Oh man..." he laughed out "He's going to be furious when he wakes up." The mess hall finally came into view.
'You didnt have the perfect training session either." You countered, "I saw you get flipped on your ass by someone half your size"

Suddenly Reiner came to a halt, a dark look across his face, you had struck a nerve and nearly bursted out laughing at his expression.
"Never speak of either again." He stated, you shook his hand, agreeing to the truce with a shit eating grin on your face.


After Dinner

The day was agonisingly slow so it was natural relief hit you like a tidal wave when you saw the nightsky.  You admired the stars, and whatever lifeforms were out there and how most of them didn't have to live a life such as this.

In the midst of your philosophical thoughts, a towel to the face rudely interrupted you.
"The hell?" You plucked it off your face, looking for whoever threw it.
"You realize you're still sweating right?" You looked from your sitting position on the ground.

It was odd to see the grey eyed beauty alone,
"I was too sore to even notice. Thanks." You stated simply, wiping the entire front and back of your neck after you had done your face.

Still feeling watched you looked up, baffled as to why Mikasa was still standing there.
"Is there dirt on my face?" She looked away when you began wiping your torso.
"No, it's just that you're in front of the door."
You looked behind you and she was correct, you smiled sheepishly,
"Ah didn't know people still used this old thing."  You said, referring to the shed.

There was a moment of awkward silence before you stood up and moved away from the door.
"Hey Ackerman?" She paused, already halfway through the doorframe. She said nothing, just looking at you, patiently awaiting what you had to say.

"Thanks again, for the towel." She simply nodded and closed the door to the shed.
"What a weird day." You breathed out, hanging the damp towel over your shoulder.

Looks like Lee had finally woken up.
You didn't switch bunks after that day because during that long night, Lee had convinced you to stay with them.

You didn't expect to say yes but yet you did, quiet hasitily infact. Lee wasn't the brightest of individuals, none of you really were but he was very persuasive.

Nearly two years later, you didn't expect to befriend them all. To be willing to fight for the three buffons  and have them do the same for you.

Maybe you'd even be willing to die for them too.


Dawn was no where close to cracking, yet it was hot in your bunk impossibly so. Sweat poured out of every oriface, despite the intensity of the heat, you still managed to sleep.

The room's scent was entirely sweat and pubescent odor, this had sent the nostrils of your bunkmate on fire. With bile rising in his throat, he shot up quickly, hand over the lower half of his face. What woke you up was his hard head hitting the boardsd under your bed.

Despite the hand muffling the shout of pain, it was still loud enough to stir the other two awake. They were on high alert, but you, not so much, too tired to fully comprehend what that noise was.

"What happened?" The blonde directly across from you asked, running a hand over his face.
"Hell if know."Shrugging, you peaked over the railing to the figure clutching their head, clearly in pain
"Oh it's just Lee." You yawned out, laying back down, back facing the rest of the room. The other two followed your lead, going back to sleep themselves.

"I love how you guys worry about me, really, it warms the heart." The brunette muttered sarcastically, wiping the blood off of his forehead with a dirty shirt before going back to sleep.


"It still hurts like hell." He whined out, rubbing the gash which has long since closed up. Flakes of dried up blood falling off of his skin and piling up on the floor,
"That's gross." The blonde across the room stated, a clear look of disgust on his face.
"You've seen worse, so shut it." You stated, throwing a shirt on, though it was quick you were able to spot an eyeroll.

Buckling up your boots was when the most important question of the day was asked,
"What are we even doing today?" Lee asked, pulling on his worn out jacket.
"I have no idea, I wasn't even paying attention yesterday." A deep voice belonging to the fourth and final bunkmate of the cabin rumbled. You looked up at him with envy as he was already ready and has been for minutes.

"That's unlike you to not know Sunshine." Ravi's eyebrow had twitched slightly at the pet name you guys had given him but it wasn't as nearly as embarrassing as your's.
"We'll hear all about it in the mess hall. Speaking of which we should get there unless you want to be stuck with scraps." The tall individual walked out of the cabin.

"Or (Name) gives all of his food to the potato girl~" Ben snorted out, you knitted your brows in frustration at the blonde throwing a random sock at him.
"Can you blame me? She looks like a starving kid with those big eyes, what would you do?"
"I'd say "Piss off you filthy beggar, you're not starving, let me eat for once." You've been doing this almost every day for nearly three years. I think she'd leave you in peace one time." You sighed, maybe you'd be able to say no for once, she'd understand.

"Godamnit..." You slumped over, lightly hitting your forehead on the table.
"You're softer than you care to admit." Lee stated with a mouthful of food, chewing it obnoxiously loud next to your ear. You hissed, swatting him away.

Your bunk mates humiliated you for giving in and giving the brunette your food...again. They even made bets on what you would say, Ravi won the pot.
Slowly sitting up, you pointed an accusing finger at all three of them,
"You guys are all dicks." You stated with dark eyes but all they did was chuckle at your angry look.


"You know you should give that poor guy a break, he's been giving you nearly every meal ever since he's been here." A soft voice  piped up at the girl across from her,
"Huh?" The brunette asked, brows quirked, a loaf of bread merely centimeters from her mouth.
"She's right you know, even if he doesn't that much of an appetite, he still has to eat." Ymir stated, supporting the petite blonde whenever possible. Chocolate eyes looked down at the second tray besides her original, Sasha had yet to take a bite out of it.

Her stomach conflicted the other girls' statements with a low growl, against her raw instincts and insatiable hunger. She stood up, nearly knocking the table over in the process, it didn't thanks to Ymir's quick reflexes.
"I guess. I should." She sighed out, before grabbing the tray she patted her rumbling stomach.
'It's okay maybe we'll be able to get some of Connie's." She whispered.
"I'm right here ya know?!"


"Don't oogle it, you can wait until lunch." Ben brought his servings closer to his chest at your hungry eyes as did Ravi and Lee.
"If I was in your shoes I'd give you some food."
"Well tough shit lover boy, that's not how the world works." He took a huge bite of bread to further taunt you and to put you on the verge of drooling.

You casted him a dark glare before jumping up when a food tray was practically dropped on the table. Surprised that the soup didn't splatter everywhere, you looked at the cause at this sudden act.
"Take it." A stern but feminine voice ordered, though she was small in her own right she made you feel incredibly small right now.
"Thanks." You blurted out but she was already walking away before you regained your senses. You honestly doubted she even heard your thanks,
"H-holy shit." You shuddered, looking at the tray before you, everything was there save perhaps the bread.

'Holy shit' Everyone had the same reaction as you at this one act of kindness the coldhearted blonde had displayed. The Annie Leonhardt  gave away something to someone else willingly, though she'd probably ask for something in return.
Sasha was only a few feet away from your table when this had happened, she had nearly dropped the food in shock.

"Ha." She gave out a nervous chuckle, turned on her heel and marched straight back to her seat.

"She probably spit in it."
"Ah don't say that and besides she's not the type." You suddenly felt the need to defend Annie despite you two never exchanging more than 10 words to each other.
"She's not the type? I didn't realize you knew her so well? Please, tell me more." You hadn't even been up for an hour and you were already starting to get a headache.

Before breakfast was even over, people were already whispering and spreading outrageous rumors, this was the first interesting thing to happen in a long time.
'Are they really that bored?' you wanted to laugh at some of the things people were saying but decided to ignore it as best as you could. Annie was already acting as if it never happened in the first place, you glanced at her a few times, she noticed but never looked back.
"What did I even do exactly?"
"That's what I'd like to know." Reiner laughed out, walking next to you as everyone began exiting out of the mess hall.
"Whatever you did though, keep doing it. It's actually a nice change to see her being so...nice." He patted your shoulder roughly, his hand engulfing it entirely.
'If only what I knew what that something was." You didn't dare say this out loud as you didn't want to think about it any further and just focus on whatever Shadis had planned today.

Hopefully it wouldn't end in a complete shit storm but knowing the 104th trainee corps, the chances of anything running smoothly was slim.


"Uncle?" You stared up at the man casually leaning against the archway of Reiss Chapel. He turned his head at the sound of your voice,
"Who else did you expect?"
"I-I, don't know." you breathed out, he nodded his head, that was a good as an answer as any for the moment. He offered his calloused hand towards you, dried up blood still visible through the lines, you had forgotten the scouts had just gotten back.

"Get out of the way, there's no doubt more  people coming." You nodded, taking his hand as he led you to a less crowded area.
"Where's my dad and (B\N) at?" You wasted no time, the chance of them being dead was high, but despite your gut feeling. Confirmation was needed to have any kind of closure,
"Dead, I'm sorry. The abnormal trampled them." Sadness washed over you but your eyes had no desire to tear up. this wasn't the time or place. You felt as if you didn't have the right to, others stayed their silently and they have lost so much more.

"(Name)?" He knelled down to your level, his grey eyes shone with concern, for such a youthful face, he certainly had a lot of grey hair..
"I'm sorry." You sniffled out, looking him in the eye, "Just a shock is all." He was taken aback by your statement, you were one of the strongest people he ever met.
"What about my mom?"
"She's alive." A jolt went through you and your (e/c) orbs widened to twice their original size.
"Before you see her there's something you should know." (U/N) was a straight forward man, never made anyone wait any longer than necessary, he told it straight and truthfully. Maybe if you had innocence he'd be less blunt about it, but the last shred of it was discarded the moment you saw that titan break through the wall.

Your feeling of happiness was extinguished quickly as he placed a hand on your shoulder,
"In her condition though...I think she'd rather be dead." Speaking for others was usually not correct but (U/N) knew your mother better than most. The world became mute at that point, people's chatter and cries were non-existent as you registered what he had said. For a moment, he had thought he said too much as silence filled the air.

"I still want to see her."


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